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This holding has more than 20 years’ experience;
Lazak group has been actived in various fields and also has brilliant background in different field. Lazak Holding has different companies as a subsidiary companies like Lazak Khalij Fars, Lazak Al Yaqoot and Lazak Qeshm 
 and each of these companies separately in their area of work to be able to buy, sell, and export / import of goods.
The following points refer to the Lazak group activities.
Exporting oil and transit of petroleum products, Such as crude oil, bitumen, fuel oil, diesel, base oils and etc.
Importing cereals: barley, cattle, wheat, cattle, corn, soybeans and other livestock inputs.
Importing Iron such as: galvanized steel, beams, sheet and wire oil.
Exporting Products like copper concentrate, copper cathode and ingots and attracting foreign investment to develop downstream industries.
Importing food such as hot and frozen meat and Ocean fishes.
Exporting food products such as fish, shrimp, saffron and nuts.
Exporting cement in different types.
Importing polyester fibers such as polyester, viscose, cotton varieties.
Exporting carpets and handmade.
Importing hardware, software, and network equipment with installation.
Designing, development and participation in construction projects (residential, commercial and administrative).
The company is ready to make the following announcement:
To introduce products of partner company on this website.
To Import types of legal goods.
To get the representative and distribution of Iranian companies which are active abroad.
To Export Iranian goods.
To supply of Iranian goods to distribution supplier which is active abroad.
To Cooperate with Iranian companies which is export and import goods and services in the field of buying and transporting goods.
To cooperate with holders who has licenses for exporting or importing of goods to Iran.
To cooperate with exporting companies which are active in neighboring countries, especially Central Asia, Afghanistan and Iraq, UAE and China and etc.
To work with performers projects and contractors in order to supply the materials.
Ready for cooperation with companies to export and import goods.
To get the price quotations and Performa cater for a variety of goods.
To do currency transfers within the law.

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